Mikayla + Luke: Fall Motorcycle Ride

What an awesome Saturday we had with our good friends Mikayla and Luke! We all got up early for a beautiful fall hike at Cascade Park. It was a little rainy and cold but it made it all the more rewarding when we stopped by Artisan Coffee in Akron to get some lattes, soup, and grilled cheese afterwards. Shortly after, we headed to World Market (one of our favorite stores ever) to partake in some much need Christmas decoration browsing. After hitting another store we decided to go back to Mikayla and Luke’s house to chill out. Once we got to their house the weather had taken a turn and it ended up being a beautiful day. And how do to two photography couples take advantage of a beautiful fall day you ask? By taking loads of super cool pictures of each other of course! 

Mikayla and Luke are a super rad people with a pretty snazzy Kawasaki Cafe Racer. Luke asked if we could get some shots of them on their bike, and being the aesthetic chasing couple we are, the answer was obvious. Umm, yesss! So, Mikayla and Luke got their cool riding duds on and we all headed out to Quail Hollow Park. The colors on the trees that seemed to appear over night were the perfect backdrop for our impromptu photoshoot. The retro vibes these guys give off make Mikayla and Luke an absolute dream to photograph. With that being said, it was so hard to narrow down this blog post to just a few pictures. We are so glad we got to make such awesome fall memories on a beautiful Saturday with an awesome couple! It was definitely one for the books!



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